Our Vision

By focusing on our client's long-term goals, we aim to exceed project goals while remaining on time and on budget.

For over a decade, we have set our standards high to ensure that our team is one of the best in the industry. Safety, efficiency, quality, cost and schedule- they’re our foundation. We aim to set and exceed the standard for each one. By delivering the highest quality of work, under budget and on time, RGD will improve your company’s production and revenues.

Our Method

We take pride in providing superior services that meet and exceed the needs of our customers. By delivering quality results that fit budget and time constraints, our team has fostered client relationships that have lasted over a decade. Often, RGD becomes a seamless part of your everyday operations. Hiring RGD is like gaining a new department-one that specializes in planning and executing construction management projects, staffed with highly trained specialists who you won’t have to manage. Working with RGD makes constructing and qualify/validating new facilities efficently due to their focus on the client’s needs.

We are willing to use innovative solutions, but will never sacrifice safety or quality. Safety is RGD’s top priority. With over two million safe work hours and eight consecutive safety awards from the North Carolina Department of Labor, our team ensures that every project is completed with safety as the top priority. Control measures are incorporated into every phase of the project from the inception of planning through final quality assurance checks.

Our employees are our greatest assets and an essential part of our team. Built on mutual respect and integrity, our team is highly efficient and trustworthy. Honesty and integrity are vital in our industry, business and work environment. All of our employees are trusted to uphold the highest ethical standards both on and off the job site.

RGD’s skilled team excels at completing projects safely and on time while exceeding quality expectations. We have long standing relationships with some of the top contractors, suppliers and designers around the globe.

Our Promise

RGD is committed to providing your company with the highest quality services. From the outset, our team will plan and implement a set of objectives that will optimize the completion of your project. We will plan and schedule the entire process from start to finish including accounting for details such as selecting a contractor and turnover to your employees.

Our pledge to you, our customer, is that we will use all of our available resources to exceed your expectations. We will uphold our reputation for reliability, confidentiality and proficiency. RGD will ensure that our objectives are completed with a focus on improving your company’s operations.

We believe that our services should make a positive impact on your company while allowing you to continue with your current operations, if required. When a shut down is necessary, we strive to complete our work quickly. We understand that when you renovate your facilities, every day your plant is not running is a day that you’re not making money. Upon completion, our projects have been shown to improve work flow and increase revenues.